Marketing Online 101

It can be a challenge to understand today online marketing, but is really not hard to comprehend, Internet filter all people interest and pursuit of activities during their daily basis, so said this your marketing efforts online have to go thru the funnel and reach only those individuals who are potential customers.

Why Paid Click Matter? 

Paid campaigns can accelerate drastically the CRT in your business website, this way you will be fairly competing with similar business around and this invisible track of visitors will be impacting the CRT for natural search results to come more often.

Inversion Or Rent 

CRT or Click to rate is the reference google and most search engine justify your website before others about the information you are providing, as high is your CRT , high will be the volume of customers referred by Google and therefore all google associates.   Online marketing is always an inversion, having the proper plan to take the most of this tool   

Business Class Plan 

  • Review of all keywords and word content synchronization.
  • Sitemap.xml formation and distribution 
  • Directory Essentials {Google, Bing , Yahoo
  • 2 keywords paid click (Monthly Budget)  
Monthly Estimate $ 350
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Organic Search Results Plan 

  • All business class plan characteristic 
  • Aggressive 3 month paid clips 3-5 keywords 
  • Authority links with related content online
Monthly Estimate $ 500
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Social & Content Share 

  • All business class plan characteristic 
  • Intensive promotion in social accounts 
  • Content creation (3) per month
  • Paid campaign Facebook & Twitter 
Monthly Estimate $ 350
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