Microsoft Essential

Optimization for BING

Microsoft BING represent 30% of the search preference in the world wide web, sharing almost 1/7 of the market with Google , Microsoft is the best selling software of all time and sometime use their browser as default Internet browser, is use commonly in many Schools, Colleges and Universities across nation and most important is often the only search engine allowed in government offices.    

Good For Your Business

Bing Map is gaining territory for been the most sophisticated 3d map available, Microsoft also now owns Mapquest a longtime favorite for GPS systems and smart phones. 



Webmaster BING, Weekly Submissions, within network links building.

Classic Ads 

Essential Plus 2 Keywords Pay Per Click Paid Campaign withing network

Business Ads 

Essential Plus 2 Keyword Pay per Click Paid Campaign Withing Networks and Mobile devises.

Terms & Conditions

Buy purchasing the above Subscription you are agree with this terms and condition.
We are not Microsoft or BING: Our team clarified to our customers that our BING plans are intended to service optimization of your business, the Microsoft services are Microsoft property and not ours, our service to your company is to optimized this resources on behalf of your company, termination of our contract does not eliminate your business profile, this management will be yours all the time and user names and password are given to you after our initial setup is done. We ask all our customer to honor the 12 month contract for BING Essential Plans, the integrity of our work requires the time to take dimension of our work and process per each tier service. Our service can be interrupted if we are not pay on time. Our customer service website is prepared with a ticket system, if you have any question during the service you can open a ticket and will be answered in less than 24 hours. Cost per click can vary per days, weeks and months all monthly reports will show average pricing, this only apply for Classic and Business Plan reports.   
Is our job to make your business visible amount competitors in your local area, our reports will also include recommendation to improve visitors and calls.

The email you use for payment , is the email we will use to send instruction or you can contact us by the contact tab.